Work with us to develop your target audience and a strategy to engage the energy and buildings professionals that will be your customer of tomorrow.  Our portfolio of trusted brands, attracts decision-makers that need to know about the latest products and solutions that will help them build and maintain the infrastructure of tomorrow.

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Energy & Buildings Marketing Solutions


Digital Advertising

Showcase your thought leadership while driving high quality leads. Digital advertising is a great way to provide solutions to industry problems, make recommendations for using emerging technologies or expand on brand awareness via our existing network of sites.

Content Marketing

Our brands are recognized as the “trusted” authorities in the markets they serve. Leverage our content experts and community base to produce new and authoritative content that generates leads and brings recognition to your brand and products.

Print Advertising

Our in-depth technical content offers the perfect environment to build awareness for your company as the critical, yet hard-to-reach design engineers/managers and purchasing professionals investigate products, parts and services at every stage of the design process.

Website Banners

The Energy & Buildings Group’s redesigned websites are simple, usable and useful. Ad sizes include: Leaderboard, Boombox, Medallion, Wallpaper Ads, Portrait, Towers, and Page Wraps.

Penton SmartReach

Expand your reach across just about every industry with the Penton master file. Leverage all the comprehensive data across verticals to reach those critical to your marketing initiatives. Can include: Direct Marketing, Audience Extension, Display Ad Network, Co-Registration, Web Targeting or other Services.

Newsletter Advertising

Staying top of mind is key to building awareness – and eNewsletters let you reach energy and building audiences directly in their inbox.


Content Channels

Align your products and services with an established industry brand to create brand awareness and position your company as a thought leader in the industry. Penton content channels give you exclusive share of voice (competitor-free environment) surrounding a relevant topic for your target audience.

White Papers

Establish subject matter expertise and thought leadership while driving high quality leads. White Papers are a great way to provide solutions to industry problems, make recommendations for using emerging technologies or expand on research results.


This popular product provides you with the opportunity to answer the most frequently asked questions from energy and design professionals. These guides are highly sought after in the energy and buildings community because of their quick-read format and efficient presentation.

Top 10 Cards

Top 10 Cards are brief, punchy pieces that provide a series of tips or steps that help your customers solve a problem or guide them in a buying decision.


Infographics draw a wider viewing audience into information that might otherwise be hidden in long-form content. Adding infographics to your content strategy helps build awareness around your brand, drives traffic to your website and encourages social sharing of your content.

Custom Newsletters

Highly engaging editorial content that we market to Penton audiences. Keeping your target customer/market in mind, we deliver useful information that educates and informs in a competitive-free environment and generates new business for your company.

eBooks/Digital Magazines

Featuring rich content, eBooks and Digital Magazines are employed to establish you as an authority in your industry. Added to our site or yours, they are a great way to bring in new traffic and generate leads.



Webinars are a turnkey, cost-effective way to deliver in-depth technical information to a large, geographically diverse audience of design engineers. Our state-of-the-art webinars provide dynamic multimedia platforms to increase brand awareness, educate prospects about product capabilities, or reinforce a company’s industry expertise.

White Paper Programs

Establish subject matter expertise and thought leadership while driving high quality leads. White Papers are a great way to provide solutions to industry problems, make recommendations for using emerging technologies or expand on research results.

In Person Events

Make a lasting impression by networking with your current and potential clients in person. Bringing people together for educational learning creates an open and receptive environment for new product and service information and gives attendees an opportunity to interact with your products and services in a more memorable way.

Virtual Events

Virtual events bring buyers into an interactive environment that provides education, opportunities for networking, and interaction with providers of valued products and services—all online.


Build your email database, build your social media following and encourage players to sign-up for additional communications from your brand. This fun and engaging format builds excitement around your brand/products, as well as attracting a large audience of qualified users that are willing to share personal info for a chance to win.

Webinar + Video

Add a realtime video feed to your webinar to add a human engagement element.


Webinar + Social

Social engagement plus the power of a webinar. Tell me I’m not dreaming. Use the power of social media to enhance your webinar.


Content Syndication Lead Touch

Leverage a 3-touch nurturing program that promotes lead quality more than lead quantity. The Content Syndication Lead Touch Program keeps the conversation going by generating interesting and engaging contacts.

Webinar Lead Touch

Gain greater return on your Webinar investment by engaging leads immediately after your event. Our Lead Touch Program maintains a conversation with webinar leads to move them toward a follow-up action.

Lead Lifecycling

Generating leads is only half the battle – you need to find ways to continue the conversations and help those leads move closer to a decision. Lead Lifecycling uses a combination of expert content, targeted email communications and behavioral data to nurture, score and qualify prospects.

Event Lead Engagement Program

Increase the pre-event buzz and drive traffic to your event. The Event Lead Engagement Program also enables the conversation to be continued after the event and will help gain insights into customer intent and readiness to purchase.

Targeted Lead Engagement Program

A 4-touch nurturing program to expand information from generated leads and gather insights into customer intent and readiness to purchase. The Targeted Lead Engagement Program also helps accelerate leads through the sales funnel.


Strategic Insights Study

This is a custom-designed service that creates an actionable marketing plan out of audience-centered research.  A team of analysts use business intelligence to drive confident marketing programs that align messaging, content and media channels.

Custom Research

Penton’s Energy & Buildings group has produced industry-leading research. Our expertise has helped industrial suppliers introduce new products, increase company awareness and brand preference, gain a competitive edge in their respective markets, and find new products to drive growth.

Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups give you an affordable option to gain realtime qualitative feedback.